Tooth extractions are dental procedures that are used to remove damaged or decayed teeth that are causing other oral problems for a patient. Dr. Nguyen will make any and every effort to preserve your natural teeth, but sometimes an extraction is necessary to keep your mouth and gums healthy. This procedure can typically be done right in our office. Depending on the teeth that are removed, Dr. Nguyen may recommend that they be replaced with a dental implant or bridge to “replace” the missing tooth in your smile, to prevent the shifting of other teeth.

There are many reasons to get a tooth extracted. The most common cause is severe tooth decay and large cavities. However, many patients also get extractions for impacted teeth – particularly wisdom teeth. Other causes for extractions include advanced gum disease, fractured teeth, and teeth that are severely malformed. Although many instances that require extractions are unavoidable, some definitely could be prevented with regular trips to our office for exams and cleanings.

frequently asked questions

Do I need a tooth extraction?

Only a licensed dentist can tell you if you need a tooth extraction. However, you may be a candidate for the procedure if your tooth is decayed so severely that there isn’t enough tooth structure for a restoration. What should I expect during my tooth extraction appointment?

If you and Dr. Nguyen decide to remove any of your teeth, our team of dental professionals will schedule a reserved time for you to return to our office.  At that time, you will be given a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort during the procedure, and you may be prescribed medications to help manage any pain in the hours following your extraction. Depending on  your extractions, or whether your teeth are impacted, we may also suggest sedation or give general anesthesia during your treatment. What type of post-treatment care will I need to follow?

Your responsibility following a tooth extraction is essential for preventing any possible complications and allowing the healing process to take place. There will be certain foods that you will be advised to avoid and you will need to keep the extraction site clean and free of food and debris. If Dr. Nguyen prescribes you any antibiotics, it is important that you complete the course of treatment to prevent any infections from forming. Finally, Dr. Nguyen will recommend that you avoid any smoking or drinking through a straw, as doing so can delay the healing process and cause a condition known as ‘dry socket.’

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