Nitrous Oxide


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Nitrous Oxide

Many of our patients are already familiar with nitrous oxide. You may have heard the term“laughing gas” before. It has been used safely and effectively in dentistry for many years to help anxiety in both children and adults. Nitrous is a gas that we administer through the nose. It is exhaled through the mouth, eliminating it from the human body almost immediately. Before receiving any dental treatment, a mask is placed over the nose of the patient. This then allows the dentist to work on the mouth uninterrupted, as well as calm the patient during the process of treatment.

Nitrous oxide was originally used for recreational purposes until the mid-1800s. Soon after “laughing gas” was provided as a general anesthetic during surgeries. Up until then, medical and dental surgery was done without any anesthetic at all! Now a days nitrous oxide can be combined with oxygen to produce a calming effect for the patients. It allows patients to remain conscious and the effects are so little that patients can resume their everyday activities and drive themselves home following the procedure.

When nitrous is administered correctly, dentistry is much safer and it’s an effective way to eliminate dental anxiety. Licensed dentists and hygienists must complete the appropriate coursework to administer nitrous oxide. Many states actually require a permit to obtain it.

If you’re avoiding the dentist due to fear and anxiety, nitrous oxide can definitely help you receive the dental care you need.  Ask Dr. Nguyen, how nitrous can help make your dental care less stressful and allow you to get that healthy smile you always dreamed of.


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